marți, 5 aprilie 2011

aberatii de noapte

because you're way nicer than everybody says
because you treat me way better than any other boyfriend did
because you kiss me in the ear
because i will not tell them about you...or what you'll do
because i really want to run away with you
because you like kids
because you talk in english and make me do the same thing
because when i'm with you, i can be me
because you kiss my belly
because you kiss me on the forehead
because with you i can manifest freely
because you make me laugh
because you're cute
because you sing
because after your kiss, no one else will feel right
because you tell me i'm pretty
because you're making me feel pretty
because you take me home, or wait with me in the station until the bus comes
because you talk very much
because i like your smile
because when i remember even a small hug from you, i get butterflies in my stomach
because i can't wait for you to call me and ask me out
because we go to your place to watch a movie
because, actually, half of the movie we kiss
because you just...know
because with you i can talk about anything
because you smile when i kiss your cheek
because you tell me not to be ashamed anymore
because we're kinda kinky
because you shed a tear at a movie and you weren't ashamed to tell me this

si daca iti spun ca nu am cum sa nu ma atasez, ma crezi?

but you keep telling me not to fall in love with you
but you will move from this town as soon as you'll have the occasion
but many girls like you
but many people talk shit about you( i don't mind) 
but there's more "becauses" than "buts"
but i'm too sentimental
but i started to like you too soon
but i don't want us to be "just best buddies who kiss each other from time to time"
but i can't stop thinking of you, even if i know it's nothing serious between us

[ ai citit? bine. nu intreba. ] 
[ ce?! am avut iar un vis ciudat. ] 

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